Established in 2002, the Practice has two dentists: Dr. Desmond Kennedy, BDS,NUI and Dr. Kristen Nason, BA BDent Sci.

Our mission is to provide you, with professional, caring and high quality oral healthcare.

We want to help you to maintain your dental and oral health in an optimum condition for life.

We will assist you every step of the way in maintaining your oral health. We want to develop a relationship with you based on trust and understanding. All we ask is that you have a wish to develop such a relationship with us.

In short, we want to work with you to make your life healthier and easier!!

We see Medical card(DTSS) and P.R.S.I.(DTBS) qualified patients as well as private patients.

We have a preventive approach to dental and oral health, promoting regular check-ups and cleanings. We provide advice, guidance and treatment in all area of dentistry and oral care for all age groups.

We attempt to provide the highest quality treatment by using the best quality materials and laboratories available. We adhere to best practice in our clinical procedures and sterilisation protocols. All work is done under illuminated magnification. The practice is computerised with digital radiography and vacuum sterilisation. We use Sterilox water purification in our clinical water supply. We constantly keep ourselves aware of new thinking/techniques and developments in our field by regularly attending courses and lectures recognised by CPD(Continuing Professional Development).

We provide a very wide spectrum of treatments in all areas of dentistry and have excellent relations with local and national specialists should referral be required.