WE OFFER the opportunity to all legitimate and legally operated businesses to request inclusion to this web site and to have their requested and supplied information formatted into a displayed web page on this site. We reserve the right not to accept any such requests if deemed to be unsuitable or inappropriate for inclusion on our site.

YOUR WEB PAGE will be constructed using the text and images you send with your application and should contain an amount of information that would ordinarily fit on an A4 size page. Once you make a payment for our service you will be deemed to have accepted our terms and conditions and will not be permitted to cancel your order once your web page is activated. If you choose to withdraw your web page from our service before the 12 month period has ended you will not be entitled to a refund.

ON RECEIPT of your content copy and payment you will receive a 12 months inclusion of your web page on our site. You will receive a receipt for your payment as an acknowledgement that your order has been received. Also included in the annual fee is the facility to make two content changes within the 12 month period. Any additional amendments required will be subject to an extra charge of which you will be advised prior to the change being made. Details of these costs will are available on request.

NO ILLEGAL inappropriate or immoral content will be accepted on this website. Vortex does not accept responsibility for the viability, condition, quality or suitability of any product or service which is promoted on this website. We endeavour to facilitate a promotional vehicle for "bona fide" retailers, event promotors and the general public who choose to avail of our service. Any information provided on this site is only accurate to the best of our knowledge and belief based on details supplied by our clients and contributors.

DATA PROTECTION will be given top priority by Vortex and no personal information supplied by our clients or users will be provided to a third party. The only exception to this will be on request from a legitimate legal court in Ireland or from the Garda Siochana in pursuance of a legal investigation.

PROMOTION OF your business on this website is solely at the discretion of Vortex. Your page may be taken down at any time if, subsequent to its acceptance, it is found to be unsuitable for this service. In such case a charge of €15.00 per month of display will apply. If your application to promote your business is declined you will be notified and your payment will be returned to you as soon as possible thereafter.

COOKIES are not used on this site at present. As the site is developed and improved this may change. When cookies are introduced we will give the usual notification to site visitors.

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